Investment Approach

Our approach to investments is advice-driven with the client's needs and objectives as the starting point. Before giving advice we gather as much information as possible from you about your situation, your needs and your risk profile. We then assist you to prioritise your financial needs and agree which areas will be addressed in our planning. The aim is to provide the best match between your investment needs and the investment portfolio that is selected.
The dynamic nature of the world economy and your personal situation, compel us to review investment decisions on a continued basis. That is why we endeavour to build strong relationships with our investment providers and our clients alike.


We are fully transparent and disclose all fees to clients. We generally do not charge any commissions on new investment amounts. We rather aim to align our interests with those of our clients by charging an ongoing advice or management fee. We are extremely competitive. Ask us for a quote!

Investment-focussed Financial Planning

Many financial advisors' business models are developed around selling life insurance and related products. The end result of such an approach is that clients pay countless insurance policies and when it comes to retirement, they are left with insufficient capital.

At Incresco Wealth, our focus is on building your investment portfolio as efficiently as possible, using the most advanced tools and financial products available. The ultimate goal is to provide a capital base that would provide a "passive" income that could replace your own income. Some of our clients achieve this goal at a relatively young age, making it possible to pursue their dreams and passions in life without the need for a traditional job.

Tax-efficient Investments

For high-income earners, South African tax rates are amongst the highest in the world. We can assist you in structuring the most tax-efficient investment portfolio. One way of doing this is by making use of dividend-paying investments such as shares, growth funds, or preference shares. Another way is by using a tax efficient structure, such as a discretionary trust or a retirement annuity.

For retirees there are a number of tax breaks and rebates available. We can help you to make the most of these tax breaks and work towards maximising your after-tax income.

Risk Profiled and needs-based Portfolios

Your individual risk profile and financial needs will determine the structure and make-up of your investment portfolio. Your investment time horizon and your need to have access to the funds are two of the most important factors that need to be quantified and reviewed on a regular basis.

Via our investment partners we can provide the following investments:

1. Individual Selected Unit Trust Portfolios

By being independent we are in an excellent position to advise you on the full spectrum of the Unit Trust Market. We do our own research and also get input from our Network partners. The aim is to identify those fund managers that can consistently produce top class returns while maintaining lower volatility than the class average.

2. Managed share portfolios

We have strong relationships with experienced stockbrokers at well-known and respected firms. We will assist with your investment planning and the stockbrokers will get involved by building and managing a tailor-made portfolio of shares and other instruments to meet your specific needs.

3. Outcome-based investment portfolios (Inflation Plus)

We have a range of funds that specifically aims at beating inflation over a certain period. The more conservative funds would target inflation plus 2-3% over a 24 month period and the more aggressive funds aim for inflation plus 5-6% over a 60 month period.

4. Offshore Investments

We have providers in more than one offshore jurisdiction that provide flexible and secure access to a range of top global asset managers.

Investment Vehicles

The above investment options can be packaged into your own discretionary investment account, or into a retirement fund, such as a Preservation Fund or Living Annuity. In certain instances it might also be sensible to use a local or international trust.